A l-o-o-k Back into our Archives – 2016 – Winter – WHACK …. ‘Cupper’ Robinson suspended!


In a first for the Stta, a player has been suspended from competition for an illegal serve. President Mark ‘Bullfighter’ Ljubic handed down the verdict and with the support of the Ethics Committee, applied a 12 week ban commencing on Wednesday 8th June 2016.

Darren ‘Cupper’ Robinson has 2 weeks to lodge an appeal but in order for the Ethics Committee to reopen the case, Robinson would have to provide fresh evidence to help reverse the decision.  2016-cupperrobinson7

Key members of the Ethics Committee attended on Monday night to examine the evidence, and witness first hand Robinson’s serving action in game play situations. The issue has been taken so seriously that video footage was taken and high speed cameras were used to examine not only the cupping of the hand but also the ball trajectory toss. The Committee found that Robinson was outside the allowable framework for both cupping of the ball and angle of the ball in trajectory on service.

2016-cupperrobinson8President Ljubic had this to say:

‘ I’m not a hanging judge but I would just sharpen the prongs of my pitchfork just in case.  If you looked at the you tube video I suggested then I think Robbo is on a thin leash.  Robbo did say that you are allowed to throw the ball backwards so long as it came down vertically.  Now I do have a Physics degree and this could only be possible if there was an outside horizontal force acting on the ball after it had been released from the hand (otherwise the path of the ball would be an inverted parabola).  In layman’s terms, his angles look more like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I think this outside force could be B**s*it coming from Robbo! ‘2016-cupperrobinson9

Attached link to video: 


The future for Robinson is uncertain as the once ordained member of the Stta looks at his options. Sources say that Richie Carmichael is helping him through the process and secretly sympathizes with Robinson but has been warned not to get too involved otherwise he too may get sent packing to the Rebel League. Given that the grading committee have been instructed by President Ljubic to look more diligently at ‘list blockers’ slowing the progress of juniors coming through the system, this would be no time to give the grading committee any excuse to be dropped to pennant 2.  President Ljubic it is suggested is keen to stamp out infighting and factions which plagued the previous presidency. President Ljubic has even hinted toward a cooling off with dealings with the Rebel League and rumors have been circulating that both Cannard & Robinson were on the chopping block in regard to roles within the Stta.

Previous matches involving Cupper Robinson can be seen below:

Robinson had been quoted before the verdict was handed down:

‘No this time I have suspended the Stta due to poor understanding of the rules. I have had my serve checked by a level 1 coach, which is more than I can say for any other player in Mildura. Ps: Contacted Rebel League secretary and he tells me to take a break from comp until rules are sorted .’rebel-league6.

Thoughts from members of the Stta upon hearing of the suspention :

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