83 – Teams are in for 2012 Summer

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After deliberations over two days and some difficult decisions, the final team lists are now in.

Notable changes for the new Summer 2012 Pennant season are :

– 10 round competition. Two Knockout Semi’s (1 v 4 & 2 v 3). Winners straight into Grand Final.

– Pennant 1 – 5 teams with bye – 15 players
– Pennant 2 – 5 teams with bye – 15 players
– Pennant 3 – 4 teams as normal – 12 players
– Pennant 4 – 4 teams as normal – 12 players

Pennant 1:

1 – Mallee Bearings
Mark Ljubic
Darren Robinson
Daniel Jansen


2 – Weightmans Packaging
Mark/Joel Dorman
Ed Hung
Jackson Murphy


3 – Pinnacle Packers
Wayne Carmichael
Kevin Johns
Peter Midgley


4 – Fishers IGA
Gavin Carmichael
Jackson Tung
Sony Sefer


5 – Max Miller Carpets
Andrew Cannard
Graeme O’Neill
Peter Bishop


Round 1 BYE:
Mallee Bearings

Pennant 2

1 – Pinnacle Packers
Ross Humphreys
Arnold Jago
Bernadette Fitzpatrick


2 – Spanline
Arthur Paar
Laurie Plummer
Matt Ljubic


3 – Tankard Dental
Ashley Morrison
Colin Moore
Karina Sullivan


4 – Fishers IGA
Seval Fuat
Denise Henderson
Peter Fitzpatrick


5 – Mallee Bearings
Robert Chiswell
Leon Brown
Nick Barlow


Round 1 BYE:
Pinnacle Packers

Pennant 3 :

1 – Fishers IGA
Lachlan Kelly
Mick Bacon
Matt Johns


2 – Weightmans Packaging
Sabrina Fitzpatrick
Karly Leach
Sam Hensgen


3 – Max Miller Carpets
Nicholas Dorman
Brian Hosking
Ryan Hensgen


4 – Mallee Bearings
Jeremy Corrin
Garry Hughes
Leonie Dunkley


Pennant 4 :

1 – Fishers IGA
Claire Ljubic
Helen Frania
Travis Winton


2 – Bishop Builders
Ben Hosking
Josh Carmichael
Sonia Shalliker


3 – Max Miller Carpets
Cole Keegan
Shirley Whitecross
Michael Hensgen


4 – Mallee Bearings
Andrew Lewis
Ellie Midgley
Peter Edwards


Some interesting moves throughout all Grades :

Pennant 1 :

The return of regular No. 1’s Gavin Carmichael, Mark Ljubic and Andrew Cannard should make it a very competitive aggregate race. Wayne Carmichel has postponed a hip op till next Season and will be determined to defend the Aggregate. Mark & Joel Dorman will share the No 1 role at Weightman’s over the Summer Season.

Darren ‘Hurricane’ Robinson returns to senior competition for the first time since the 80’s as a No 2.

Daniel Jansen returns to P1 as a No3 after playing the Winter season in P2. Sony Sefer makes his debut in P1.


Pennant 2 :

Ross humphreys & Seval Fuat move up to the No 1 positions in their respective teams.

Denise Henderson makes a welcome return to P2 action as a No2 after a lengthy layoff with shoulder surgery. Laurie ‘Double Centurion’ Plummer moves up to the No 2 position and again joins forces with another ‘Double Centurion’ in Arthur Parr. Colin Moore get a promotion to the No 2 spot.

Bernadette Fitzpatrick & Matt Ljubic make their debut’s in P2 after both having eyecatching Winter Pennant 3 form. Nick Barlow returns after a Winter layoff.


Pennant 3:

Lachlan Kelly, Sabrina Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Dorman & Jeremy Corrin all get promoted to the No 1 spot in their respective teams.

Karly Leach & Brian Hosking get promoted to the No 2 spots.

Matt Johns, Ryan & Sam Hensgen make their debuts in P3 as No 3’s.


Pennant 4:

Cole Keegan get a promotion to the No 1 spot and Andrew Lewis returns after missing the Winter Season.

Helen Frania & Ellie Midgley move up to No 2 positions in their respective teams. Josh Carmichael debuts in Senior Comp as a No 2.

Travis Winton, Sonia Shalliker & Peter Edwards make their debut’s in Senior Competition as No 3’s.

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